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"Everything--and I mean EVERYTHING--is a paradox."

♠Anti Philosophy♠ - Against Philosophy
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You have somehow stumbled across the secret and unadvertised community of anti_philosophy.

First anti-philosophy rule of thumb:

Don't Believe that Philosophers Are Better Than Anti-Philosophers!

Anti-Philosophy Q & A

Q. What is anti-philosophy?

A. Who knows.

Q. What's wrong with philosophy?

A. First, let me ask you what the meaning of life is. If you think you might know, then you probably already know what's wrong with philosophy.

(For an insightful definition of philosophy, click here.)

This community was made as a haven for the few anti-philosophers of LJ. If you think you might be one, feel free to join. Please do not confuse this community for a philosophy community(!) There is no prerequisite of 'deep' thought or pseudo-intellectual debating skills here (although, I know that everyone needs a hobby...). If you consider yourself an anti-philosopher, post whatever you want - don't worry too much about whether or not it's relevant. We're not philosophers, after all.